Posted by: gebs | May 20, 2011

The Atheistic Illusion

One can argue the agnostic position that they have not formulated an opinion as to whether or not God exists, but I think it is beyond any kind of reason to try and claim to know that God does not exist, since this would be same as saying that one knows exactly what the world is and how it works, which even the greatest scientist does not claim to know.


  1. Likewise I can say you have 3 invisible pink shrinking elephants in your room right now and that you need to prove me wrong in order to say there aren’t.
    But this is not how science works, or even pure logic if you will. This is not how we acquire human knowledge.

    We look at the evidence and make conclusions. There are no evidence for the existence of invisible pink elephants, and there are certainly no evidence for their being in your room, ergo, the argument is false. New evidence may pop up in the future and prove the existence of invisible pink elephants. but right now, it is valid to claim they do not exist (because it is invalid to claim they exist). Got it?

    • There is evidence, Its just you refuse to accept it. Your current state of mind does not allow you to believe it. Don’t forget, people actually witnessed Jesus doing miracles, in front of their own eyes and refused to believe it. Belief in God requires something which you do not possess. It is easy for you to live in denial, but one day, when the decision becomes crucial, you may come to a new mindset. For now you may choose to remain in your dogmatic state of mind, where you arrogantly assume you know the truth and class religion as somewhat inferior. Do not think you are superior, there have been many before you and many more to come. Jesus will stand the test of time as history has proven. Truth cannot be denied, despite all your efforts, history has proven this.

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