Posted by: gebs | May 20, 2011

Walk on Water

The scientific revolution and physics proved the existence of atoms and defined the nucleus as being a highly compacted piece of matter. Today, quantum physics understands the nucleus as being something which flickers in and out of existence, something as much spiritual as it is material. What does this mean? It means that things are not what they seem, matter is something which, at its nucleus, is something flickering in and out of existence. The mind does the rest.

It has long been argued by the philosophers that perception is everything, and in a sense this is true. We see the world as we want it, or rather; we make the world we see. Our world is as much shaped by us, as we are shaped by the world.

At our essence we are beings made in the Glory of our Creator. We are beings capable of things unimagined by the human mind. This glorious state of existence has been impaired by sin, and as a result, we know only a very limited portion or our spiritual essence. We all know the story of Jesus walking on water, but we often forget that for a brief moment, Peter too walked on water. Our modern rational mind instinctively shuns such an idea. We know that water is a liquid, and we are made up of a solid which is heavier than water, therefore, we will sink and thus walking on water is impossible. But do we really know? As the story tells us, human beings are indeed capable of walking on water, but it requires a different perspective on what reality is. Quantum physics allows us one avenue into seeing the world differently and possibly move closer to knowing the true spiritual essence of creation. God can be talked about in many languages.

Today, material security seems to be the supreme ruler of must our psyches. How much of our personal lives are spent worrying about our material well being in the future, and that of our children. The world seems to be so real. Everything we see and touch feels real and there is nothing more sure to us than the existence of our own body, in all its aches and pains. Flesh and matter rule our thoughts and actions. We even fight over money and possessions and place them over and above what family means to us. Our divorce plagued society is proof of this. Children are abandoned for the sake of selfish longings and material happiness. We have no other language for dealing with each others shortcomings and failures. In a society split from God, human made law is supreme and capitalism rules. Governments are elected based on the material and economic assurances they offer. Morality is left open to wander where it wants, providing that it does not impeach the law. We do not care what religion you are, or whether or not you believe in God, or anything else for that matter, you can do what you want, as long as you do not break the law. If you feel like abandoning your kids and getting a divorce, the law is there to help, not judge, based on some superstitious notion of a God sanctioned morality. At is essence, our secular world believes that capitalism and material security is all that human beings need in order to make them happy. This is our world! Most of us live in this world never questioning or becoming aware of what it is we are. We think belief in God is something which is purely personal and not something which needs to be discussed in Parliament, which has more important and real matters to deal with.

But what if our world was as much spiritual as it is material, or even more spiritual than material! Modern human beings need to get of their self constructed pedestals and come back down into the realm of history. Today we think we are somehow above history and have evolved beyond our ancestors. And in a sense, this has been the great mistake of Darwinism in our world, in that evolution is equated with adaptation. Evolution and adaptation are two different things. Humans have adapted to their environment, and although adaptation might result in evolution, adaptation does not always necessarily entail that we are moving forward as human beings. We may be getting better at building things and blowing them up, but this does not necessarily mean we are becoming better human beings. In fact, it can be argued that because we have denied our spiritual essence and our ancestral perspective of the Eternal, we have in fact silenced our spiritual life and become nothing but material beings nourished only by material things. Stop for a minute, and truly ask the question, am I more? I am a human being who has been billions of years in the making. I live on a planet within an unfathomably large universe, miraculously aware of the mystery of my own existence and the planet on which I stand. All this is a miracle, and I am part of it. Is this the world I see? Is this who I am? Or am I simply the accidental material creature which exists for no specific reason at all, floating in a world which I use science to explain, void of purpose were it not for the herd mentality of which I am a part.


  1. Gebs,
    I enjoy the simplicity of the content as you explain what we have become.I also love the way that this simplicity implies that we are in fact so advanced but spirituality ’empty’,
    God Bless

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