Posted by: gebs | July 3, 2011

Thank You

We thank you Lord for the touch of a hand
For the air that fills our lungs
For your presence in our hearts
And for the blessing which is life

We ask you to continue to make things Holy in our life
To awaken more and more your love within our hearts
And our minds
So that our encounter of you may make all things good

We ask you to strengthen us in our moments of weakness and worry
Help us stay standing whilst everything below our feet is evil
Lead our feet into pastures of salvation
And continue to nourish us through the miracle of Eucharist

Help us to treasure our family more and more
As the foundation of all good things
For you too, chose a human family
To be brought into our world

You are the true miracle which makes goodness possible
And without you, we exist only for our own self
You make happiness and peace possible in our family
And for that we are eternally grateful

For all families who have been wed through Jesus Christ
We have been given no greater grace in our marriage
And through it we gain the possibility of having a happy house
Through His name, it becomes possible to truly experience unity and peace
And to cherish our own family as Holy ground
To remove our shoes at the end of each day
And give thanks to the One who makes it possible

We pray O Lord the same prayer of Solomon
A prayer of your approval
We ask only for the wisdom to help rule the ones below us
The ability to lead our children to you
So through us
They may experience your grace
And truly know your presence in their lives.
So that we may all walk us one
United in your Holy name.

We ask St Joseph for his intercession
So that we may be worthy fathers to our children
And good companions to our wives
Pray for us St Joseph
So that we may share in the miracle of the true family made possible through Christ
And be considered worthy, as a family, to enter into His eternal kingdom at the end.

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