Posted by: gebs | May 18, 2011

Eternal Perspective

Who can fathom the depth and breadth of God’s love?
Like an eternal cove
Dark and mysterious in nature
Yet bright and revealing to all those who dare to enter

Plagued is the human heart with doubts and fears
As evil and suffering fill its ears
Laughter seems like a fleeting denial
Amongst all of life’s hardships and trials

Restless are the nights spent pondering God’s reasons
And trying to give life a reason
Why is it that you allow such evil to exist?
Why do so many people have to suffer?
When you can eliminate all this for ever!
Be done Lord with all this wretchedness we have created
And forget us for ever!

What is it about your love, that we fail to see?
Could it be the ancient truth which you revealed to us many ages ago?
That there is indeed a season for all things, if only we could see
Days are only moments within the whole
And foolish is the heart which falls into this hole

Easy does the soul ponder in darkness
Without the light of eternal brightness
Come, let us join this dance of misery
Rather than be hope for reality

We bear the weight of reality quite heavily
Were it not for the other story
Some souls see the world only as it is,
Whilst others can see Gods glory

The story which brings meaning to all seasons
And one with eternity as its ultimate reality
Where all will be revealed and given a reason
And love awaken in ultimate clarity

Therefore, do not cry in vain ‘o heart of mine
For your creator does indeed wish you to be
And all that confronts you today as a hurdle
Need be northing but a momentary battle

For indeed there is a season for all things
And blessed are all things only in their season
So gaze into the eternal o heart of mine
And there you will find rest for your wearisome thoughts
And find meaning for every season

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