Posted by: gebs | September 6, 2008



A democracy is only beneficial when the masses make the right decisions.  The concept of a democracy is not beyond the realities of good and evil.  The idea of a democracy is a noble one, but we must be conscious of the fact that most democracies in our world are in fact greater perpetrators of evil, than good.     


  1. Very true. I’ve written a post on how to improve democracy that you might be interested in. Here’s the link: Is it possible to improve democracy?

  2. And what ae “right decisions”? Do we use your values, or mine, to guide those decisions?

    • We use God’s values. Not mine, yours or any other human being on earth. We are not Gods. We turn to our creator for the right way of doing things. But if you do not believe in God, or you sideline him, as is the case with secularism, we are left in the dark….. and hence the corruption of democracy.

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