Posted by: gebs | May 25, 2008

Children are Closest to God

The presence of children brings with it a greater awareness of the presence of God.  If a group of adults were gathered in a room together, our behaviour and language would be considerately different, than if children were also present. We would have to watch our words and actions much more closely knowing that the eyes and ears of a child were also present.  Most of the time this happens somewhat instinctively and subconsciously, but it seems to always be present is some way or another, although one must also agree that it is not present enough.  Children bring with them a unique presence, including a recognisable innocence and vulnerability. 


God has revealed this truth to us.  Jesus’ closeness and preaching about children is found in all the Gospels.  He is noted to have said that all who accept a child, accept Him, and all who hurt one of them, hurt him.  This is true for all people, including the clergy who have refused to hear his word and hurt children.  Indeed the recent child sex scandals by the clergy have done Him great harm, as his words predicted.  Jesus is very explicit on this:  “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea” (Mr 9:42).


God is closest to the children because their hearts have not yet been fully hardened against his Word.  Together with our world, we will slowly teach them otherwise.  The world teaches us that our minds must mature out of the realm of fantasy and into reality.  We are slowly taught that all that matters is this world.  The mystery of life will slowly become buried beneath the burden of trying to survive and get the things we want in our life.  As Christ reminds us however, we need to rekindle this childlike state if we are to be close to him.  We need to be overcome in awe and wonder at the possibilities which are God.  We need to see the miracle which is life, in any form it may come.  We need to look at the birds in the sky and notice them, be overcome by their beauty, as we where when we were children.  Our mind needs to be open to possibilities if we are to see and hear God’s presence in our life. 


We may have a say in whom and what we choose to love in our life, according to our own idea of love.  No one of us, however, can choose the child that ultimately gets given to us for nurturing and raising.  Although we may choose to have children in our life, we have no way in guaranteeing what nature and personality they will be.  The love that our children teach us, is therefore, the most noble of all loves we will experience in our life, because it is one that is beyond choice – one that we do not own.  It seems that they are not only bringers of salvation and revealers of truth (two things I have written about previously), but they are also revealers of God’s true love, a love that can change us if we allow it too, albeit not without pain.         


  1. I found this information to be most helpful. thank you to the author.

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