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Walk on Water

The scientific revolution and physics proved the existence of atoms and defined the nucleus as being a highly compacted piece of matter. Today, quantum physics understands the nucleus as being something which flickers in and out of existence, something as much spiritual as it is material. What does this mean? It means that things are not what they seem, matter is something which, at its nucleus, is something flickering in and out of existence. The mind does the rest.

It has long been argued by the philosophers that perception is everything, and in a sense this is true. We see the world as we want it, or rather; we make the world we see. Our world is as much shaped by us, as we are shaped by the world.

At our essence we are beings made in the Glory of our Creator. We are beings capable of things unimagined by the human mind. This glorious state of existence has been impaired by sin, and as a result, we know only a very limited portion or our spiritual essence. We all know the story of Jesus walking on water, but we often forget that for a brief moment, Peter too walked on water. Our modern rational mind instinctively shuns such an idea. We know that water is a liquid, and we are made up of a solid which is heavier than water, therefore, we will sink and thus walking on water is impossible. But do we really know? As the story tells us, human beings are indeed capable of walking on water, but it requires a different perspective on what reality is. Quantum physics allows us one avenue into seeing the world differently and possibly move closer to knowing the true spiritual essence of creation. God can be talked about in many languages.

Today, material security seems to be the supreme ruler of must our psyches. How much of our personal lives are spent worrying about our material well being in the future, and that of our children. The world seems to be so real. Everything we see and touch feels real and there is nothing more sure to us than the existence of our own body, in all its aches and pains. Flesh and matter rule our thoughts and actions. We even fight over money and possessions and place them over and above what family means to us. Our divorce plagued society is proof of this. Children are abandoned for the sake of selfish longings and material happiness. We have no other language for dealing with each others shortcomings and failures. In a society split from God, human made law is supreme and capitalism rules. Governments are elected based on the material and economic assurances they offer. Morality is left open to wander where it wants, providing that it does not impeach the law. We do not care what religion you are, or whether or not you believe in God, or anything else for that matter, you can do what you want, as long as you do not break the law. If you feel like abandoning your kids and getting a divorce, the law is there to help, not judge, based on some superstitious notion of a God sanctioned morality. At is essence, our secular world believes that capitalism and material security is all that human beings need in order to make them happy. This is our world! Most of us live in this world never questioning or becoming aware of what it is we are. We think belief in God is something which is purely personal and not something which needs to be discussed in Parliament, which has more important and real matters to deal with.

But what if our world was as much spiritual as it is material, or even more spiritual than material! Modern human beings need to get of their self constructed pedestals and come back down into the realm of history. Today we think we are somehow above history and have evolved beyond our ancestors. And in a sense, this has been the great mistake of Darwinism in our world, in that evolution is equated with adaptation. Evolution and adaptation are two different things. Humans have adapted to their environment, and although adaptation might result in evolution, adaptation does not always necessarily entail that we are moving forward as human beings. We may be getting better at building things and blowing them up, but this does not necessarily mean we are becoming better human beings. In fact, it can be argued that because we have denied our spiritual essence and our ancestral perspective of the Eternal, we have in fact silenced our spiritual life and become nothing but material beings nourished only by material things. Stop for a minute, and truly ask the question, am I more? I am a human being who has been billions of years in the making. I live on a planet within an unfathomably large universe, miraculously aware of the mystery of my own existence and the planet on which I stand. All this is a miracle, and I am part of it. Is this the world I see? Is this who I am? Or am I simply the accidental material creature which exists for no specific reason at all, floating in a world which I use science to explain, void of purpose were it not for the herd mentality of which I am a part.

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A miracle needs three things:

Love: in its many facets. Like the compassionate love Mother Mary would have felt for the people hosting the wedding at Cana, or the pity and sympathy felt by the friends of the paralysed man when they lowered him through the roof.
Faith: People to believe. A listener. One who is willing to accept God’s grace and Mercy.
Hope: A reason to believe. A look towards the future and the wanting of good for all those concerned.

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The Light of Christ

Like a star in the night sky
Regardless of how dark the night may be
Light remains shinning never to be denied

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Eternal Perspective

Who can fathom the depth and breadth of God’s love?
Like an eternal cove
Dark and mysterious in nature
Yet bright and revealing to all those who dare to enter

Plagued is the human heart with doubts and fears
As evil and suffering fill its ears
Laughter seems like a fleeting denial
Amongst all of life’s hardships and trials

Restless are the nights spent pondering God’s reasons
And trying to give life a reason
Why is it that you allow such evil to exist?
Why do so many people have to suffer?
When you can eliminate all this for ever!
Be done Lord with all this wretchedness we have created
And forget us for ever!

What is it about your love, that we fail to see?
Could it be the ancient truth which you revealed to us many ages ago?
That there is indeed a season for all things, if only we could see
Days are only moments within the whole
And foolish is the heart which falls into this hole

Easy does the soul ponder in darkness
Without the light of eternal brightness
Come, let us join this dance of misery
Rather than be hope for reality

We bear the weight of reality quite heavily
Were it not for the other story
Some souls see the world only as it is,
Whilst others can see Gods glory

The story which brings meaning to all seasons
And one with eternity as its ultimate reality
Where all will be revealed and given a reason
And love awaken in ultimate clarity

Therefore, do not cry in vain ‘o heart of mine
For your creator does indeed wish you to be
And all that confronts you today as a hurdle
Need be northing but a momentary battle

For indeed there is a season for all things
And blessed are all things only in their season
So gaze into the eternal o heart of mine
And there you will find rest for your wearisome thoughts
And find meaning for every season

Posted by: gebs | September 25, 2010

Faith Today

If we were to ask a blind person why they believe in the existence of colour they would most probably answer that their belief is solely based on peoples testimony about colour. Although we cannot for certain know the actual contents of the blind persons understanding of colour, having never seen it, it would be false to say that the blind person should not trust what so many people have to say.

Why should this be different for our belief in God? It is logically fair to say that I believe in God because of people’s testimony, and the more I read this testimony, and witness it in my own life, the greater my belief in God becomes. Just because we are spiritually blind doesn’t mean that spirituality does not exist and that we should not believe in it. Just like the blind person who cannot see colour, we are all blind to God, yet the people who have seen colour, or known God, are credible sources of testimony which should be trusted and can become a foundation for belief.

I think a major feature of the modern day western attack on the Catholic Church has much to do with the fact that the Church has become so exaggeratedly tarnished that people can no longer see its messengers as being credible witnesses to the message of Truth. Although our ancestors, up to about a century ago, had knowledge of their own history, the modern minds is solely concerned with the present and the future. The modern world looks forward, with little concern for the past, which we understand as being only a necessary phase of human evolution. We live in a world of instant communication and information overload where today’s news quickly becomes old news. Technology has changed the world and the very structure of human existence. We are different beings now. If we hear a report about the shocking abuse of children by the Catholic Church, our mind is instinctively driven to disregard anything else, but the present information being received and make our judgement solely on it. In other words, a few hundred years ago, if people heard some scandal in the church (and like any other human organisation, the church is not short of scandals), this would not automatically mean that the whole church, which they were an intricate part of, is no longer valid, or that God, for that matter, is a myth. This is our mentality. As soon as the Catholic Church is mentioned, emotions run wild in the human being as their mind, and the instinctive inferences it makes, is moved to anger and disgust. All religious language tends to result in such emotions today, like the word sin, which even I tried to avoid for a period in my own Catholic life, seemingly ignorant to the fact that this word has a treasure of meaning spanning back thousands of years. In my modern day ignorant mind, I simply want to replace the word sin, with a more neutral and politically correct word. If I had knowledge of what the word sin means, however, I would quickly see that no other word can capture the implicit and explicit weaknesses that seem to limit life, peace and happiness, for both my self and the entire world.

For those of us who are choosing to remain Catholic in this hostile and dominating world, we need to understand that the church will be a different thing in the future. Church numbers are dwindling and the average age of members is growing. As the theologian Karl Rahner, once said, God will have a different place in the world of the future. Perhaps the Church will have to give up everything one day, and move back into the caves, and as shocking as this may seem, in truth, it is not the most important concern, the most important thing is to keep our Catholic faith, even without the buildings, so that the Good News of Jesus Christ continues to change the world and peoples hearts. Those of us, therefore, who are holding onto what seems like a sinking ship, should find comfort in the fact that the original church had no greater treasure that its message, and it is the message that we need to inherit and keep alive in our world today. We are the witnesses to this message today, and it is our testimonies that will help our children discover their faith and the know power of its Good News.

Hold on firm all ye children of Zion, for Jah has been with you form the beginning, and will remain with you until the end. Although you may find yourselves in Babylon, do not loose faith in your despair, and keep your eyes fixed on the Holy Mountain of Zion, where Jah stands watching over the whole world.

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