Posted by: gebs | April 30, 2010


Faith is not some kind of power that allows for anything.  If one has all the faith in the world and jumps of a bridge, it will not save them.  Faith is rather knowledge of what is good and what is evil.  Faith is a touch of God.  Faith is knowing what to ask for.  Faith can only seek what is good.

If I have all the faith in that it will be sunny tomorrow, unless Jesus himself does this, the weather will not be changed.  This kind of faith is an illusion.  Or if I have faith, then no physical harm can come to me,  also the same illusion.  True faith knows that it cannot ask for  things such as these. I may pray for sunshine tomorrow, but my neighbour may need rain.  When we ask God for things in our life we seldom think about what it means for others.  We all pray to win the lotto, but in order for me to win the lotto, my neighbour cannot. This kind of prayers comes from the self, not the spirit.  The human spirit is different from the self, it is often the distant voice beneath the sin riddled self, crying out for freedom.  True faith finds its home in the human spirit, not in the self.  Faith is the voice in the spirit, like a voice in the wilderness, crying out and seeking an answer.  This faith knows that God has his reasons for creation, including the weather, and our true place is to know this and marvel at His power, regardless of what it means to my selfish desires.  It is to kiss the very dirt on which we stand as if it were the millions of dollars our self seeks to win in the lotto.

In its essence true faith is not something that can be tested (Matt 4:7).  True faith is not measured by physical results, and in fact, St John of Cross places least weight on personal miracles and apparitions, because of their deceiving nature.  Faith brings with it a different kind of assurance, which speaks to the human spirit.  It can find rest amongst the greatest physical evils and unrest.  It is a light amongst the darkness.  This kind of faith comes from the Divine and the grace he shares with us.  It does not change the world from outside, but from inside.  It is a sharing in the Divine understanding that all things are the way they should be, if only I could place my faith in the One that holds us all in the palm of His hand.  That no matter how dark and evil things get, my salvation is assured, if I put my faith in Him.  This kind of faith seeks assurances on an eternal scale, rather than the yearnings of a finite self.  There can be no true faith without some kind of belief in the eternal.

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