Posted by: gebs | November 8, 2009

To Believe or Not

There those of us that explicitly refuse to believe despite any event or evidence.  There are those of us who want to believe, but can’t, because we refuse to make the effort.  There are those of us who can’t believe because of the barriers created by our own selfish ego (because the self simply cannot see beyond its own self).  Then there are those who believe, because they choose to make the effort and build on the foundations given to them by their family and tradition.  Ultimately however, no one of us can say that they are a true believer, because to be a true believer of Christ means to change, and ultimately to sell all one has and follow him.


  1. The fundamental question is not whether “to believe or not to believe.”

    The fundamental question is WHY do I believe?
    To understand that one must understand what “believing” is.

    What is the process in motion or the state of being when one is “believing?” When I say “I believe” what is going on, what does it mean? The statement implies the presence of an “I” doing an action called “believing,” what exactly is that action?

    It is important to clarify what it is that sets “believing” apart from “thinking,” imagining” or “knowing?” Interestingly, one believes IN, but one does not think, imagine or know IN. So, believing seems to demand an “object of belief.” What is the relationship of the action of “believing” to that “object?”

    On a clear night, when I see the moon, do I “think” I see the moon, do I “imagine” I see the moon, do I “know” I see the moon? If one says “I believe I see the moon,” what different quality of action does that imply? What relationship does “believe” have to seeing the moon?

    Believing implies, does it not, that the object of belief is not obvious to the five sences. So the question is, how does the “object of belief” enter into the realm of our awareness? Is it from tradition? Is it by propaganda?

    Which brings us to the fundamental question, why do we believe in that which has entered our awareness in such a manner? Is it our desire for comfort and security?

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