Posted by: gebs | November 8, 2009

Overcoming Death

Nothing can satisfy the emptiness that death brings into one’s life.  Whether it is the contemplation of one’s own inevitable death, or the death of a loved one, darkness and emptiness prevail.  When we loose a loved one, we may choose to try and bring closure through the many occupations of our world, but on the occasions that life brings us to the edge, the emptiness is quick to re-emerge, as if its non-existence in our life was nothing but an illusion. 

One could even argue that the many forms of religion in human history have mostly emerged out of the innate desire in human understanding to bring meaning to death.  Whether we choose to accept religion for an explanation, or even deny religion, we cannot escape the underlying desire to bring meaning to death, and none the more, than when it confronts our life and our family.  Death confronts us as a void which threatens to destroy us as human beings and our ability to live happily. Our ability to bring meaning to death is a crucial factor in our happiness and well being. 

Of all the religions and the religious figures, only Christ is known to have resurrected from the dead.  Only Jesus Christ dies and conquers death in order to free us from the slavery of its darkness.  All other figures may reveal things about death, but only He conquers it and destroys its grip over us.  He is the only one who can truly satisfy the emptiness that death brings into our life.  Through Him we are given the strength and hope to continue with our earthly life, despite death, knowing that nothing can separate us from his love and that one day we will see all those whom we love and have lost.

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