Posted by: gebs | November 8, 2009

Fate and Destiny

The idea that our future is written is ultimately an illusion because it necessarily means we have no choice in our own destiny. Although God, who is omniscient, knows the possible outcome of any decision we may choose in our life, this foreknowledge does not mean that we no longer have a choice. Our future may be known by God, but it is not predetermined, and God never takes away the very gift of freedom which makes us creatures created in the image of our creator.

There are special cases however, where God predestined someone for a specific task which is necessary for the salvation of the human race. Take the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, for example, she was predestined to carry the Son in her womb and God chose her for a specific task. The same goes for St Paul, who himself recognises that some are predestined in order for God’s good work to take root in an otherwise evil world. For the rest of us however, our future is not written, and we have a say in our destiny.

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