Posted by: gebs | September 21, 2009

Science and Religion Working Towards One Truth

I do not see what all the fuss is about when it comes to science and religion.  Take the theory of evolution for example, even that would assert that modern day Hommo Sapiens must have originated from one male and one female who were, as the argument states, smarter or more able to adapt to their environment than their predecessors. And based on empirical evidence, even science has had to take seriously the near death experiences (NDE) data which is emerging from the ever increasing documented occurrences (which is said to be over fifteen million in the United States).  I was watching a documentary on near death experiences called The Final Frontier, where scientists themselves had to affirm that a phenomenon of heaven and hell exists, despite the differing theories on it.  The scientist concluded that “you die the life you live”, and that what one experienced directly at the moment of death was beyond ones own control, yet highly associated with the kind of life one lived.  In the end, science can only conclude that there are things that exist beyond its language (or explanation).  In other words, when an honest scientist seeks an explanation for oil coming from a statue of the Virgin Mother, and can find none, then they must write that this is true yet we do not have the language to explain it (as is the case at the House of Miracles in Guildford NSW).  Religious people need not fear science or the propaganda that it will somehow disprove God.  On the contrary, we should encourage scientists to continue their study of data and document it truthfully.  We should also remind ourselves that science is not immune from the human condition, and just like all knowledge and power, can be used for the wrong reasons.  Science is a friend, yet it is a human creation, a human language, and will never be able to silence the moral judgements we rightfully ask of it.

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