Posted by: gebs | August 22, 2009

Do we Believe?

Grace requires nothing of us except its acceptance.  The Holy Spirit blows like the wind, blowing wherever it pleases.  We hear its sounds but we cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going (John 3:8).  Our task is to believe in this wind whilst it is here, and not to let it go without acknowledging what it is, or where it has come from.  When we see the work of our Lord revealed before our own eyes, even if it be in the smallest of things, we must accept it and revere it.  How easy it is for us to simply let the good things go.  God’s grace requires free acceptance for it to succeed, but our self finds it’s hard to let go of what it already has and change.

Having recently been graced with a visit to the ‘House of Miracles’ at Guildford I could not help but be overwhelmed but what is there and our reaction to it as a human race.  If God was truly present in a special way through the life and death of Michael Tannous, how easy it is for us to ignore it.  I mean, if we truly believed, if we truly considered Christ as our treasure, why are we not there?  Why does it not move us into more prayer and devotion to our Lord?  The funny thing is, we ask for miracles and signs all the days or our life, as if they could somehow be the base of our faith, yet little do we know that our condition means that even the greatest miracles can do little to shake the selfish ground on which we stand.  Jesus has chosen to reveal something to us through this boys life, and his entire family.  He has chosen a life within our own gang riddled suburbs to reveal to us in a special way his presence and message of peace.   

Let’s face it, we would rather look at a rich guy’s mansion and the cars in his garage, than look at oil which has come from heaven.  We are exactly like our ancestors in the desert, who rejected Yahweh even after carrying them across the red sea.  Like the disciples of our Lord, who could not possibly believe what they were seeing.  We too need his help to believe and be moved to goodness in our lives.  We can truly do little without His help, and we should continually thank Him for his presence amongst us despite our ignorance and rebellion.

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