Posted by: gebs | May 3, 2009

God Allows our Evil

God allows creatures to offend him and follow the offence to its bitter end.  The one and only way of penetrating this mystery is that shown us by the Gospel: to contemplate the outrages suffered by Christ.  He was truly the Word made flesh, our Lord and God (John 20, 28), he could have turned for help to his Father, who would immediately have sent him more than twelve legions of angels (Matt. 26, 52): he had only to will it and those who came to arrest him would draw back and fall to the ground (John 18, 6); yet he let himself be buffeted (John 18, 22), spat on in the face (Matt. 27, 65); crowned with thorns, made a mockery of (John 19, 2), and then crucified (John 19, 18).  It is their God, come down to save them and to implore their love, whom men outrage to this extent.

– Charles Journet

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