Posted by: gebs | January 14, 2009

Why Does God Want us to Believe in Him?

The first thing we can say is that if God is God, and he is perfect, he is complete in himself and does not NEED us for anything.  As a matter of fact, if we truly think about it, God has suffered greatly because of us, and he would probably be better of without us, yet his mysterious mercy allows us to be.  Not only does he allow us to be, but he has also chosen to suffer with us and work to eventually set us free from suffering and misery.  Our belief in Him helps us through the process, yet even if we do not choose to believe in him, his work nevertheless continues in our world, and we will all encounter it in some form or another.  He was our beginning, and will be our ultimate end, whether we believe this or not.  By believing in Him we give ourselves the best chance of redeeming our lives and our world.  We give our world the best chance of reaching a real peace and harmony for all.  It is our best chance against the evil which plagues our world. 


Believing in God is easier said than done.  We must learn to believe.  We need teachers and guidance, and hence the need for some type of human language (religion).    

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