Posted by: gebs | November 16, 2008

Abraham’s Sacrifice

There were thousands of God’s during the time of Abraham.  Each nation, and perhaps each individual, had their God whom they worshiped and offered sacrifices too.  Human sacrifices were also made during this time.  What was so different about Abraham’s God? 


The God of Abraham demanded a different type of sacrifice.  One that was not full of smoke and blood.  Abraham was asked to sacrifice his own self, his own understanding of God every time God demanded something new of him.  Abraham had to sacrifice everything about his identity, even his name!   Abraham’s faith was one solely built on the will of God.  He believed despite his inability to understand.  The God of Abraham is not pleased by bloody sacrifices, but only by the sacrifice of our own selfish desires for his will, which is ultimately the best road for us anyway.  This is the only sacrifice that is pleasing to the God of Abraham.  A sacrifice He himself would make one day. 

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