Posted by: gebs | October 23, 2008

Our Idea of Time

What we call time is only a theory.  Our idea of time is defined by the linear theory of seconds, minutes, hours, days and years.  Although we can imagine different ideas of time, our life is still defined by the linear theory.  Even through our idea of linear time we can still understand that time is intricately interrelated.  In other words, each second is not distinct from the other.  What happens in history defines what is happening today and, to some extent, what will come in the future.  There is a greater time beyond the time we call our own, our own earthly encounter with time.  This greater time is the playground of God.  We would do ourselves a great favour if we could incorporate this greater idea of time into our own lives.  God’s plan is for the whole thing, the culmination of earthly time.  We may find it hard to see God’s work in our own life, despite the fact that we may deem it as the most necessary thing, yet an idea of God’s time can help bring us some solace and hope, that despite our inability to see it in our own lives, his hand is clearly present in humanities struggle to remain good and its often misappropriated hope for peace.   We need to expand the use of our eyes, beyond our self. 

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