Posted by: gebs | October 7, 2008

A Glimpse of Love

What is it to love someone or be loved?

So many times we say the words ‘I love you’ or hear them said to us.

Sometimes these words carry so much meaning  

Other times, they mean nothing at all.

But when our child first utters these words to us, it reverberates every shred of truth which lies dormant in our hearts. 

What is this love?


If our words are noble when they leave our mouths, they mean that we will do anything for our beloved.

I love you, means I will give anything to be in your presence and have you in my life.

I am even prepared to give you my self.

I am willing to sacrifice part of my own self for you.


Which one of us can truly claim to love another in this way?

Which one of us is willing to give up part of there own self for another?

The same way perfect Love gives itself to us?

Never too busy.

Never too tired.

Totally selfless in itself.

Which one of us is willing to sacrifice for the sake of love?

Or better still, what is the notion of love which we have created?

One that is not willing to sacrifice anything or be humiliated. 


True love cannot be broken.

It endures all things and is willing to suffer all things for its beloved.

In the same way as True Love did for us on that cross.

Giving up all things for our sake (its beloved)

Giving up all honour and glory

All wealth and status

All power and rightful judgment. 

Giving up even the very life which it lived.

And in the process, transforming all things into itself.

Creating a new way for all who abide in it and seek its ways in their life.

Granting a gift that takes a life time to earn, but is eternal in its reward.

And allowing us to truly experience it amongst the ones we choose to share it with, both in this limited world, and in the new world for which we have endeavoured on this journey.

When we reach our destination, we will finally experience what such love can truly mean. 


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