Posted by: gebs | August 21, 2008

What do you think God is?


Who are you to tell me that I should not believe in God?

How will you make my heart deny the love which has been poured into it?

How can I deny the forgiveness he has touched my life with?

What makes you think it is so easy to forget the mercy he has shown to me and pretend that all the gifts he has given me, including my own life, are mine in the first place?

What do you think God is?  Surely not a fleeting and hollow idea which the mind conjures?


  1. I think God exists for those who believe it; they make it real. For others, I’m not certain.

    To me God is only a small piece of something huge, he is not the entire picture. There is much more to it than simply “creator” and “creation”.

    God is a dabbler. I do not believe everything was entirely intentional, human beings included.

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