Posted by: gebs | August 16, 2008

War on Terror!

War on terror! 

Let’s think about this for a minute. 

What does a war on terror actually mean? 

Does it not mean terror on terror? 

Now, does that sound like something that can work? 

Are there not more suicide bombers now that in any other time in history?

Fighting evil with evil can never work despite all the sophistication used to justify the evil as good.  War on terror is a ridiculous statement, whose true meaning is somehow clouded from our everyday propaganda fed consciousness.      


  1. Don’t get me wrong, because I would like to find an alternative solution to deploying to Iraq every other year but (from wikipedia):

    Terrorism: “. . . violent acts intended to creat fear . . . and disregard the safety of non-combatants . . .”

    War: ” . . . armed conflict between states . . . or factions . . . with purpose of compelling the defeated side to do the will of the victor.”

    The Army is not trying to scare anyone in Iraq. In fact, we drive around waving to children, stopping at people’s houses to check on their safety, we hand out water filters and blankets, and give micro-grants to build schools.

    Maybe we didn’t realize it at the beginning of the war (under Bush), but the war on terror and the war on economic poverty are one in the same. If we can pull these people up to subsistence level and jump start their government and infastructure we can ensure that terror won’t be seen as an opporunity, but as a troubled path.

    • Building lives and states is best done under a state of peace and friendship, not war and imperialism. We are trying to homoginise the world with little regard for what is already there. I agree that we do good things in the countries that we occupy during the course of our wars, but our means must be consistent with our means. Pope John Paul VI once said that war only exists where there is an injustice. The injustice is that we choose to live our luxurious lives in the West whilst our brothers and sisters die of hunger. We rape and pillage the earths resources (including oil) with little regard for the people, culture or land.

      Because we are a fallen people, war seems like a justifiable sollution to our problems. We come to believe that we can wage a ‘good war’. War can never be good. Only when we talk to each other is it possible for true dialog to happen and for peace to emerge. History has shown this in the past, and will continue to show it unheededly in the future.

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