Posted by: gebs | July 4, 2008

Faith in Our Age

To have faith is to surrender ones own self over to another. 

To submit to another’s will.

To deny any sense of pride in ones own self and do what seems contrary to ones own sense of reason. 

To learn how something can be true, rather than accept ones own interpretation of the truth. 

To wear something around ones neck that is contrary to ones own nature. 


Faith is the power to accept the truth, not only by the cognitional faculties, but by every shred of decency, whose remains linger like sparks waiting to rekindled, within the human being. 

It is the power to bend with the wind and not be broken by its strength, not the power which tries to resist this wind.


History has illustrated that faith varies in its authenticity.  Many of our ancestors were raised in an environment where faith was taken for granted.  Faith is no different than anything else in our lives, and we all know that we often loose what we have if we take things for granted.  Charles Taylor identifies one feature of our secularised world as being the choice to believe.  Unlike many of our ancestors, today, we are free to choose what it is we want to believe.  Today, we are living in an age of purification.  I would argue that faith will slowly become more authentic as the current age unfolds.  As Karl Rahner argues, the Christian of the future will be a mystic or they will not be at all.  This is not to say however that there are still some very hard lessons to be learnt.           

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