Posted by: gebs | June 21, 2008

Dogmas of Atheism


Atheism is ultimately a belief in the powers of human reason.  Atheists feel that they have been ‘liberated’, through the use of their own reason, from the enslavement by the religionists. Their position is one of reason’s ability to see through the fallacy which is religion and all its institutions.  They see religion as being a stage in human evolution, a thing necessary in a time when science could not give meaning to the void, formerly filled by God.  Society no longer needs the idea of God in order for it to function, and indeed, atheists assert that we would be better off without it.  Atheists themselves are subject to the dogmas of their own beliefs, whether or not they are aware of it.  Atheists are therefore, together with their religionists, also judgemental in their mentality.  They judge that belief in God is categorically not an option when determining matters about life.  God is necessarily excluded from the picture, and the possibility that this could be wrong becomes minimal, if not non existent.  Belief in God is anathema!         

What if both the atheists and the religionists were wrong in asserting that reason could ever be supreme?  It seems as though reason can reason itself into anything!  Maybe there are things in my life which seem unreasonable, yet are more reasonable than I can imagine.  Reason is manipulated by so many things in our life, and I am not sure we should take refuge in it.  Our human reason has taken us to some very dark places, as we can see via the bloody lens of what history will call the Twentieth Century. 


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