Posted by: gebs | June 11, 2008

A Simple Experiment for the Mind

We have all been told at one point in our modern life that our mind is something which is conditioned.  In other words, we are creatures of habit, and it does not take long before our mind gets accustomed to something and it becomes second nature to us, something we do subconsciously.  We have all heard this in some form or another. 


Despite the number of times we have been told this, its impact on us can never become as strong, as if we were to learn such a truth through direct and personal observation.  We like to see things for our self.  We find it hard to believe in miracle stories, for example, but if one of us were to ever be the recipient of such a miracle, I think we would have to think twice about not believing in them.  This is a simple enough truth to accept.  The same goes with all other things in our life.  We never listen to our parents, and we will only accept what someone else claims to be true if we can experience it our self.  How many times have we heard the proverb that ‘it is wiser to learn from other peoples mistakes’?  Yet, how many of us will accept this without actually experiencing it our self?


Here is an experiment for what I originally set out to say, one way we can actually see the conditioning happening in our own life.  A simple experiment.  All you need to do is place some object in an odd place.  For example, at some stage over the past six months I hung a pillow on the clothes line to dry, next to my outdoor shower.  As the months get on, I sometimes notice that it is there, and other times, I get so conditioned to it being there, that I’m not even aware of it presence, despite it being one metre from my shower.  This experiment is easily adapted to anything one chooses to use.  Put an empty cup on your bedside table for example, and leave it there for six months, you will see how the mind is easily conditioned.  Go ahead, do something odd and see for yourself.            

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