Posted by: gebs | May 19, 2008

A Meaningless Existence

Who can give me a reason to be happy in this world?

All my efforts, regardless of how much they achieve, will one day amount to nothing.

All my relationships will end in tears in one way or another, either through separation or death. 

All my wealth will one day become meaningless as I lay beside all my friends in the dirt of my grave.


Who can give meaning to my life and to my world?

How can I look at the world and see beyond its mundaness and apparent meaninglessness?

How is it possible for me to watch the misery and suffering I see in Burma, or China today after the wrath of nature has been felt?

What is this tiny speck of dirt on which I exist? And how can it mean something in the vast depths of the immense universes which surround me? 

How is it possible for me to find happiness beneath the relentless task of remaining financially stable? 

How is it possible for me to find love amongst the most difficult of environments? 

What is this world to me?

Who am I?


These questions, and many more like them, constitute the huge question mark which is me.

Where do I look for answers?

But even more importantly, which answer do I choose to believe?

What meaning do I choose to give my life?


Science would not exist if it did not believe that it could find the answer to its hypothesis. 

The scientific view of the world is rapidly running out of words to use as it delves deeper and deeper into reality and the universe.  String theory is a good example of this, in order to understand this, one need be at least a basic physicist.

Science gives us answers, but they seem dry.  Their mechanical flavours are arid.

Science has got a purpose in our world, but it seems beyond it capacity to answer the true spiritual yearnings of the human heart.  Science is void of meaning.  It is fact.

My heart yearns for more than fact.  It wants meaning.  Human feeling.


My world is empty without the sparkling mystery which defines my God.

There is no other answer that satisfies my soul.

Money is not all that it is made out to be. 

I have tortured my self for a reason why we bring children into this world?

It is a deeply divided world which is full of suffering and pain of which only laughter is an escape. 

And for those of us who live in the prosperous West, we spend all our life worrying and working to stay financially comfortable. 

Is it only for the moments of laughter, and the luxury holidays that I choose to bring children into this world?  

I have partly come to an answer.  It is only the One which allows for life that can give an eternal meaning to life.  Our life comes from an eternal creator who has chosen to share His own essence with us. 

Only through eternity am I able to give a meaning to my life which incorporates all of history and my place within it.  Human history is a freak happening of events if it is taken out of a salvation history perspective.  Only through God can one break beyond the confines which are imposed upon us by the dark nature of our earthly mortal existence.    

Were it not for the Divine spark that exists in my heart, how could I look at every human being as being a precious child of the same Father, regardless of merit?  How could I look at my dark world and find assurance, were it not for the hope that God has given it?  How could I continue to gaze in childlike wonder even as I grow old and my bones start to hurt?  How could I ever bring any meaning to the great suffering and pain which occupies all the news of my day?


For me, life is void without God.

Life is nothing but a freak coincidence of events with little meaning and purpose.  God gives life meaning and purpose, and a goal that is worth working for because it goes beyond the confines of my present mortal existence. 


  1. Interesting,
    Who said English literature is the weakest of all…
    I think
    After reading you blog
    It is meaningless for me to consider English literature the weakest of

    May you live long

  2. As I read this article, everything you said was exactly as I think about it, these feelings torment me inside so much and even more because I am in love and it is nothing but pain.

    I contemplated believing in some kind of god, but I pushed religion out of my life, regarding it as silly beliefs by silly people growing up to believe such foolishness.. I find it far fetched.. but a conflicting voice in me thinks with our tiny knowledge of reality, who knows what other anomalies would seems impossible to us..

    I wish I could believe in some kind of god and end my endless pain.. but I can’t help but keep pushing the humanity out of my mind in a subconscious quest for pure mental divinity myself.. which makes me feel like a monster relative to humans, and being human makes me feel like a monster relative to reality.

    I wish I could find some other meaning. I’m only 16… there’s so much life ahead of me, and I wish I could enjoy these years.

  3. Mark, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Love is indeed a hard thing, and the reason it hurts so much is because we expect the wrong things from it. we must learn what true love is about, so make sure the pain is a pain of new birth and not meaningless pain which hurts the most.

    Believing in God is also a difficult thing to do because we (being part of our world) are so far away from him in thought and in action. Nothing affirms his existence in our world. God is a paradox to the mind and belief in Him cannot come without faith. Do not shut the door and maybe one day something will happen.

    My little friend, i am disappointed to see that life is so much pain for you. Think about it for a minute. You are at a beautiful age. Your thoughts are ahead of your age so be patient with yourself and little by little more light will be shed on the darkness. Enjoy your life for now. You (just like I) are not different from the rest of humanity. we are all one, and the closer we become one the more meaningfull our life will be. train the source of your thoughts to come from others and from the world as opposed to eminating purely from yourself and happiness will follow.

    Please enjoy your life and don’t get too caught up in trying to understand it, since it means nothing in itself, as my post was trying to say.

  4. There is no kwon purpose to the existence of anything. Main problem is man created the word
    ‘WHY’ and all language used to depict the realities of the physical universe which are only the neural processes in our brains based on sensory and emotinal inputs. Therfore, all reality is simply the beliefs of the beholder’s brain. Likewise, reality can be whatever the brain is willing or capable of believing it is. Unfortunately, we as belief driven
    organisms have little choice in the matter from day one. If we as creatively amazing unique and separate entities were never subject to the programming of or beliefs and subsequently our realities by the self-perpetuating man-made social,physical,mental,spiritual limiting so-called historical knowledge, we would be beyond this by now. BEING ‘outside” of that box is why some people spend years meditating in isolation just to cleanse there brains of all this BULLSHIT! Search within for the peace of absolutely nothing. Especially the joy of freedom from the materialistic/neurotic social systems. Create your own reality…universe… world…GOD. LOVE yourself and enjoy your life.

  5. Dark night of soul leaves one feeling there is no God. It passes in time.

  6. hh.. amazing.

  7. A really wonderful post, most of the things are things tht i feel too..but i hav realized tht the purpose of life is to love n give love..thts power, fame..mean nothing..but unfortunately people all over keep running after it..only to end up disappointed..Accept sadness n ul never be sad again…keep writing…

    • Thanks for your comments Varghese.

  8. “how could I look at every human being as being a precious child of the same Father?” that’s right…how? ….human beings…precious? well of course! we wouldn’t have it any other way. …i just can’t see it. Maybe predators…the most dangerous on the planet. 6.5 billion of us selfish pricks. embrace the animal within(or out)…and find meaning that is your true self. We’re just so “civilized”(civilized…now that’s hilarious), everything laid out nice and neat, financial security…deluded, arrogant, clueless fools. agent smith(the matrix) got it right…we’re like a virus. woe be the human race….god knew what he was doing when he gave us the boot.

  9. the purpose of biological entities is to reproduce, that is the sole purpose of biological existence

    • this may be the sole purpose according to science but i have not met a human being who would argue that this is all that human life is. we humans are spiritual beings who look for a prupose beyond this simple one you provide. if this is our sole purpose then why do some choose not to reproduce? or why is it that our freedom seems more powerful than this mere prupose. we are more than mechanical biological entities. we are beings empowered with a freedom that goes beyond these simple definitions and demands a better understanding of human nature. science has no language for this and as frustrating as it may be to you, spirituality is as much who we are as science and matter.

      your understanding of human life is as limited as your one on love, arid, dry and void of all that makes us human. science is meant to enrich our understanding of what exists, but in your case it seems to have increased your foolishness and made you blind.

      • My observations are based upon scientific fact, yours on illogical, unproven superstition.
        The evolution of self-awareness and complex cognative function does not prove the existence of a supernatural higher power, it has merely lead to the evolition of human ‘society’. All gregarious animals posses a social dynamic, that does not deliiate a uniqueness beyond any other biological entity. As a species our inteligence urges us to consider the greater universe, at first, before we possessed the neccessary understanding, superstition assossiated the natural forces of the universe to supernatural agencies. Now we possess the intelligence to understand the true nature of the forces at work, such primitave concepts are redundant.
        Your arguments are reliant on emotion and you feel the need to insult those who do not share your world-view.

      • I think you meant to say scientifc theory – not fact! You look for simlarities between us and animals to help you deny the spiritual difference that defines us. Science does not have all the answers. Evolution of human society is both the result of religion and its ally. We may posses greater intelligence now, but what is needed is love in our world to heal the broken, feed the poor and cherish families. Science and theory do not lead to love, forgiveness and peace. True, we are able to anachronistically judge history and religion as some form of outdated fallacy, as you yourself do, this however, reveals nothing more than the foolishness and ignorance of the one making the comments, or simply stated, the inablity to put something into its right context. Regardless of whatever it is you say, we remain spiritual beings, who are driven by more than food and water alone. Perhaps self-awarness and what you call complex cognative functions are some form of evidence for this.

        If i insulted you, then i apologise because my intent was to make you question, not get angry.

  10. I did not become angry. Anger is an emotion, Emotions serve no purpose, they are simply temporary neuro-chemical imbalances caused by extenal stimuli, a primitive evolutionary legacy that homo sapiens no longer requires.

  11. There is no meaning to life. There is no afterlife, and no purpose. No god, no heaven, and certainly not hell.
    Now, you can either get over it, free yourself, stop wasting time in futile search after weird stuff the we humans invented through our imagination; Or, you can ignore reality and live in a bubble you \ religion have created, which will get bigger and bigger until it pops right in your face

    Best wishes any way you choose.

    • There is a meaning/purpose for everything. Things do not exist for no reason, even science tells you this, everything in creation has a purpose/role/place. Just because the answer to the question is difficult, does not mean we should live in denial. I am not wasting my life, on the contrary, it would be a waste of time if life indeed had no meaning. Religion is the result of our search for meaning, and there is countless evidence to suggest that many people have benefited greatly from its insights…… why should i reject it? Freedom does not come from denial it comes from accepting truth.

      Best wishes to you too.

  12. Great post gebs, but I still struggle to find meaning in my life.

    I like to believe that we are all one and inseparable from God.(which I imagine as the all-inclusive consciousness, not some human-like being as some religions picture God as)

    I also like to believe that Love is the way to happiness and a fulfilled existence, to love and accept everyone and everything as is.

    I have nothing against science, it shows how most things in our world (and the rest of the universe that we know of, to some extent) works on the material level. However, i think it would be foolish to stubbornly insist that those mechanics are all there is to our human existence. Anne hedonia and A.A. seem to believe that nothing other than scientifically proven phenomena could possibly exist in our reality (and therefore everything outside that is an “illogical unproven superstition”)
    I am not trying to insult those people, but that kind of viewpoints seem short-sighted to me.

    I desperately need a goal and a purpose outside of “biological reproduction” and material well-being. I often feel a void inside me, and see everything as blank, empty and meaningless. As much as I’d like to believe in a loving God who would make my life meaningful, it seems a little abstract and distant as a goal. I don’t see how i could work to “move towards god” on this material plane.

    Gebs, perhaps you have some tips how I could find peace of mind and motivation in life, so my restless soul could be at ease?

    Sorry for bad English, it’s not my first language.

    • Thanks for your comment, i would adivise that you do not abandon your search for God because it may seem futile at times. God works in his own time and we need to be patient and ready for whatever it is that happens in our spiritual journey. Ask God to come into your life and he will. “Moving towards God’ means becoming aware of his presence in our life. it God seems distant it is because we are distant to him. He never leaves us, and in fact without Him, life itself would not be possible. The fact that we are alive means God is with us. We are material creatures and it is through the things that are seen that we experience the unseen. Although the material plain can be decieving do not think that it is impossible to move towards God from where you are. Prayer is very important in any spiritual life and there can be no true faith without it, so keep praying and things will change. God Bless.

  13. Thank you for the nice response.

  14. After reading the main post, and a few other ones, I felt comforted by the amount of people who share my fears of a meaningless existence. That in itself is something to be grateful for. YOU and I are not alone… other people have come seeking these same answers. And we are not the pioneers, many others have searched for these same answers for as long as we’ve had conscious thought. At the end of the day, Life is what you make of it, and Meaning (Much like something you lost) is always in the last place you look. What’s important is that you, and I, and all of us our brave enough to search for meaning in a world that seemingly has none. Stay strong, It is always darkest before the dawn.

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