Posted by: gebs | May 3, 2008

Yashee in Traffic


Yashee arrived right on time for the afternoon discussion group at three o’clock.  The discussion was about a book by a living philosopher known as Charles Taylor.  The title of the book was A Secular Age and within it the author discusses and defines what such a title could mean.  The group would meet every Thursday and discuss a section of pages they had all read in advance.  Yashee was enjoying the discussions immensely and it gave him the opportunity to learn and discuss so many topics which were part of the recurring thoughts of his mind. 


The discussion usually finishes at the beginning of peak hour.  Yashee hated traffic.  He could never understand the inability of the human power to resolve such an annoying reality.  If people were to start work at different hours, for example, this would dramatically reduce the need for peak hour.  Surely, Yashee thought, there is a way around traffic.


Often Yashee would occupy his time in the car in prayer or thought, and in a sense, this was one of the good thing to come out of traffic.  Today was no different.  Yashee had spent the drive praying on his way to the discussion group, yet as he began his drive home, he found it ever more difficult to control his inner emotions which wanted to rage against the traffic.  Having spent the past hour and half discussing philosophical issues Yashee decided to apply his knowledge and reattempt his solution to traffic.  It was driving him mad.  Having found little resolve in his thoughts, Yashee then decided to turn to God.  As he gazed into the ordered chaos of the cars, he cried out loud: “where are you God?….. Where are you amongst all this?”


Yashee was in distress. His cries where getting louder.  Just as the passing vehicle allowed a gap amongst the cars, his eyes were caught by one of the most beautiful sunsets he had seen since the beginning of 2008.  Suddenly his prayers were answered as he found himself responding to his own prayer:  “….ahh….. there you are!”  If spending one and half hours with a group of academics was not enough fuel to keep his mind going, Yashee suddenly found himself dominated by the sheer profoundness of such a simple contrast.  ‘God’s work over there”, he thought, and “our work over here”.  A sunset painted on the earth’s largest canvas juxtaposed alongside a group of cars lined up on bitumen.  It was like a window into tranquillity for Yashee, as he suddenly found himself no longer annoyed or even aware of the traffic.  All he could see where the shining orange rays which were reflecting off all that was visible.  His prayer had been answered.


Then he began to think about the futility of human actions towards anything.  He could not deny the progress we accredit our modern age with, but neither could he forget the great evils that still plague our world and our inability to think as one.  Our goodness seems to exist alongside our evil.  We have even managed make God evil.  This somewhat contradictory world was the inhabiting place of all humans, including Yashee.  Yashee contrasted this world to that of God’s.  A world that was indescribable, like the sunset into which he gazed.  Like all other human beings who are living in the world, Yashee found it hard to imagine what such a world would look like.  He was sure, however, that there is surely no traffic in the kingdom of God.


The he thought about the juxtaposition of these two worlds and what this meant about God’s relationship with our world.  Although he could see the sunset on the horizon, and most of it was the result of something outside of the earth, Yashee could also see the traffic which surrounded him.  They were two distinct events and visions existing as the one picture.  The sun was setting over the traffic.  He thought about a verse in the bible which explains that God allows his sun to rise on the good and the evil, showing no partiality, and thus denying any foundation for our own partiality against others.  Despite what we have created in our world, both the good and the bad, God does not abandoned our world, nor does he take away his presence from any living being regardless of the evil nature that our hearts may have assumed.  His presence exists alongside our own, and one does not have to look far to find its glowing rays.  Yashee thought about the many times that God’s presence had become evident for him during the most mundane of tasks.  The simple sound of a bird singing is enough to awaken us to his mysterious and amazing presence.  A simple stroll beneath the stars was often enough to bring Yashee’s heart closer to the mystery of God.  For Yashee, it was God’s presence that gave meaning to an otherwise mundane and monotonous world.  Science may see creation as one big puzzle, which it is slowly putting together, but Yashee could not live in such a world.  The world to Yashee was a mystery, because the answers he sought could not be found in the solutions of science.  Yashee had come to understand that happiness was beyond science.  The wonder, which God creates through his mysterious presence in our world, was the nourishment Yashee needed in order to remain happy in this life, despite his continuing inability to deal with traffic.     


  1. Gebran,
    I can certainly empathize with you over traffic!
    You certainly got me thinking about God so early in the morning! I can hear a bird outside,but now i think GODS song instead of a birdsong!
    HJave a great day YASHEE!

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