Posted by: gebs | May 3, 2008

Truth is Not Black or White

I think I would prefer to be quoted as saying that reality is not black and white. For me, truth simply is. Thinking of reality as black and white comes from living in the dualistic mindset. Getting away from that, one can accept reality as grey, some even say, many shades of grey. This I believe is said without much hope at all, rather, it points to our hopes, our desires, our incompleteness and our imperfections. It is only when we realise that those shades of grey, through the right lenses, are actually the most beautifully vibrant colours of the rainbow, that we see reality for what it really is, and not what we think is reality. This is what I believe is meant by transformation, particularly inner transformation. It is not for anything else to change, it is for us to continually become.


There is an argument that says, ‘reality is in the eye of the beholder’, and there is also a gospel truth that says that Jesus came to ‘help the blind to see, not with their eyes, but with their hearts’. This is our gift, the gift of faith. Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is not a gift, because there is nothing else in this world that will enable your YES to the divine when you are asked to surrender absolutely everything you have, think, feel, know, love, cherish. Since your faith is in the truth, and the truth shall set you free… hold fast to your faith, and see the rainbow of life. We were born to live and grow in love, not simply exist“. 


 – Damien Dcruz.

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