Posted by: gebs | April 10, 2008


Imagine our whole life is being filmed as we live it.  One day, when time no longer matters, we will sit in silence and watch it from start to finish.  We will observe our first moment and our last.  We will have evidence to show who was there for us and when.  We will see before our own very eyes, every action we did, and hear every word we uttered.  It will be our story, but we will be watching it from another perspective.  A perspective that can only come after one has lived life and known death.  A transcendent perspective.  There is no way we can deny any of it, because like a memory which is caught on film, the evidence will be before our own eyes.  


Now imagine that in this place, we could also watch the lives of those around us, and those we had encountered in action and in thought.  We could see our lives through two different perspectives, or even more.  We could understand why that person, chose to use those words, at that particular time in our lives, and see our own often unjustified reactions.  We could see how much our mothers toiled, for example, whilst we were getting drunk.  We could feel the impact of our lives on others, and ours on theirs.  We could finally understand!


In seeing all this we would be undergoing a judgement of our own life and the lives of those around us.  Such enlightenment would allow us to know the truth and compare ourselves to it.  Unlike the truths we make our own in this existence, in that place, truth would be something by which we are judged.  Something that exists beyond us, yet includes us.  Everything we do in our lives is made true because of this greater truth, yet we can see no further than our own truth.  If we have hidden anything from our own self it will be exposed.  If we have hidden anything from another person, it will be exposed. The inner feelings of our own hearts will be known as they are exposed before our own eyes, and the eyes of all those to whom we have been united in life.                   

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