Posted by: gebs | April 7, 2008

The Bible is Just a Story!

Let’s think about the claim that the bible is only a fictional story for a moment.  Some even go one step further and argue that Jesus was a fictional character.  I wonder how many people can tell me some of the other fictional stories that would have been circulating during those times.  Is it coincidence that only one survived with such intesity?  I challenge any living being to invent a story amongst their friends, proceed to write about it, and make it last two thousand years, or even five hundred.   I challenge those same people to give their own accounts about it in great detail and via a unique perspective.  What are the real chances of this happening?  There is no greater test than time, and lies inevitably reveal themselves unable to elude truth.  Obviously the stories contained in the gospels are not only stories.  They seem to have an additional element to their genre that makes them stand the test of time and continue to speak truth.  And they never fail in their ability to raise debate and fuel rebellion.  I’ve never heard anyone rebel against the concept of a unicorn and be moved to hate because of peoples belief in it.    

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