Posted by: gebs | April 2, 2008

The House of Miracles

The house at Guildford where Michael Tannous lived has been, like all things paranormal, very challenging for all who have heard about it or encountered it. The challenge has been for both believer and unbelievers alike. The challenge has turned some into believers whilst others have been driven into further doubt. Even the believers have been tested in their own way. They have been reminded of their human propensity to doubt. There faith has been shaken and forced into purity and humiliation. They have witnesses the extreme phenomena which is God’s saving hand. They have tasted the sweetness of redemption and are forever changed as a result. They have been reminded that God’s redemption is for the whole of humankind regardless of their love for him. His love is not conditional. God has no favourites in the strict sense of the word; his love is for all his children. It is not like our partitioned and partial love. He chooses to show himself wherever he wishes and on his terms only. Only He knows when and where he will make himself visible through the means of our world. We all want God to make himself visible to us, yet refuse to acknowledge him unless it is on our terms only! This kind of prayer, or demand, does not come from a pure heart and God would do little to no good if here were to grant our request.

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