Posted by: gebs | March 26, 2008

Freedom and Lent

True freedom is the ability to say either yes or no and to exercise the transcendental ability to control the body and mind.  Freedom is the ability to choose beyond the ordinary.  It is the ability of the human being to break out of the enslavements which become part of our worldly existence.     Lent is a perfect example and exercise of this freedom.  When we choose to fast, for example, we use our freedom to deny all the hunger of our bodies and temptations of our mind.  If one never practices using their freedom then it merely remains an idea of the imagination.  Freedom must be used to be known, and lent is a perfect opportunity to discover our own powers of freedom.  Many deny the need for fasting or giving up things during lent, but this merely illustrates there inability to exercise their free will to do something out of the ordinary and beyond the normal resonances of their bodies and minds – it is merely an acknowledgement of the ordinary and a denial of the need for growth and transcendence.       


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