Posted by: gebs | March 24, 2008

The Mind Needs Time to Reflect

The human mind must be ruled by something, in other words, there are intrinsic rules which govern the way each of us thinks and the ways we deliberate about adverse or favourable circumstances.  The human mind is not something which has no boundaries, or something that works in chaos.  It has a particular way of working which is consistent and open to subtle change (dynamic).  We are all unique in the way we think about things and what we consider to be right and wrong.  There are common threads, however, which are shared by many.  Nothing is so certain however, that it cannot be changed, and to admit otherwise would be to imprison the abilities of the mind. In order to discern the ways our own mind works we need to give ourselves time and participate in self reflection and meditation.  

 The spiritual life demands that we take time during our lives, often on a day-to-day basis, and turn inwards.  In other words spirituality takes time and silence.  If our lives are too frantic and over worked we will find little time for this.  The greater we become embedded in our world and work towards becoming materially wealthy the less personal time we get.  This is why poverty (in the sense of minimal needs) is always recommended for those who are endeavouring to live spiritual lives.  Being poor means having little needs and wants beyond what is necessary for living comfortable lives.  Poor in our (western) sense of the world is by no means equivalent to the real nature of poverty which so many people live in our world.  It is the acknowledgment that a simple and poor life allows us for more time to do the things that are most valuable in our lives yet the least materially constructive.  Unlike the curse of poverty which plagues most of our world, a western choice to live in poverty (on basics) can be a blessing. If we do not give ourselves the time we need, and deserve, we honestly run the risk of disappearing under the weight and density of our own lives.  Becoming one with the system and no longer aware of our own thoughts and feelings.  Here we give ourselves little chance at ever gaining the ability to become transcendental beings.   

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