Posted by: gebs | March 20, 2008


One of the characteristics of selfishness is the inability for introspection.  The more prominent the place of the self is in ones life the greater the natural tendency to blame others for any unhappiness in ones life.  Oddly enough the greater ones selfishness the harder it is for that person to look within themselves for any failures in their life.  When our self dominates our lives, and all our feelings, a certain pride consumes our mentality and all others become inferior and blameworthy for our own failures.  Our own selfishness hurts others in as much as it does for us, perhaps even more, because the blindness it causes within us, makes it impossible to see beyond our own hurt and leaves out any possibility of forgiveness.   


  1. You’re right. I imagine the self as a big pointy edged cube inside a box. If you’ve got a massive ego the pointy edged cube is going to be pressing against the edge of the box. That’s got to hurt.

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