Posted by: gebs | March 14, 2008

Heaven is a Place of Love

If anything can be known about heaven – it is a place of love.  In the story of salvation it is ultimately love that overcomes fear and death.  No doubt love must be the foundation on which heaven is built and the greater our encounter with love the more welcome we will feel in heaven.  In my struggle as a father and a parent I have often asked the question as to why God gives us children and allows them to enter this darkened world.  It has bee, and remains, an ongoing question for me.  This insight into heaven helps me to answer some of these questions.  God gives us children and allows us to be so that we may grow in love for each other and so that heaven can ultimately be a meaningful place for us.  Heaven is nothing without love and it is the love we learn and nurture in this life that we will ultimately fulfil when we are resurrected into the true eternal life for which we where intended.   We should cherish every moment together as a family and the more people we love the greater our reward on that day.  This has given a new meaning to my life and to my family.   How beautiful that day will be when we are united eternally in that kingdom of love, of which we have had only a taste in this life.  I continue to pray that my capacity for love increases every day and that my life gains greater meaning as my time on earth is fulfilled.  May I come to cherish more and more the wonderful gift of human life as the soil on which eternal love is built.  This is the only true inheritance I give to my children and the only thing that will remain after all that is perishable is gone.  This should be the sole concern of my life and how futile it is to waste my life on anything else.             

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