Posted by: gebs | February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

 “Remember that you are ashes and unto ashes you shall return”.  These are the words I heard tonight as the priest marked me with ashes to symbolise the beginning of lent.  As I listened to these words I was moved into contemplation about the significance of what they mean.  It was from ashes and mud that God breathed life into us and we subsequently use our bodies to live and experience this thing we call life.  This spark which He gives to matter is all that matters.  All else is nothing.  The purpose of lent is to grow in awareness and acknowledgement of this spark of life which makes matter alive.  Our bodies are nothing without this thing that makes life possible and once it leaves our bodies we return to the earth from which we were fashioned.  We spend our whole life serving the feelings which emanate from our carnal existence and often this is all that we know.  Lent is the time to deny these things using the strength and abilities we get from the spiritual life giving part of our existence, which is equally as important to our existence.  Matter cannot think for itself.  It is a time where we can exercise the power which often lays hidden behind the prison of our carnal existence and the pleasures which pertain to it.  It is a time to remember that we are alive. 

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