Posted by: gebs | January 21, 2008

Milk on the Way Home

I was at a friend’s house tonight and my wife called me to ask if I could get some milk on the way home.  I stopped in at the new petrol station, on the way home, because it’s the only thing open late.  This was the latest technology in petrol stations.  There was no human contact.  I asked for my milk through metal and glass screens, paid through a hole, and got the milk via metal chute.  It reminded me so much of my visit to America in 2000 and the way petrol stations were designed.  It was the first time I had seen such a thing in the relatively alienated semi-rural part of Sydney where we reside.  It made me laugh and seriously consider the safety and security most of us associate with our modern Western societies.  There seems to be a hidden secret beneath the skin of the fabricated security we associate with our world.  Perhaps there is a greater need for salvation in our world than we can imagine.  Perhaps God still has work to do in our world, and he may not be dead after all.        

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