Posted by: gebs | January 12, 2008

Do The Things We Have To Do

In today’s world we all face the burden of financial security

A burden that we inherit from our world

A longing for the ability to free our minds from the worry of money


We may choose to live spiritual lives and are willing to suffer for such things

But when our suffering affects others, such as our children, we are forced to think again

The nature of our suffering must also change

Now the suffering comes from the submission of ones own utopia for the reality of the present

It comes from the giving of ones own self, for that of another

And in a sense, this type of suffering is much nobler than our own selfish ambitions

It requires a silencing of ones own desires, for that of another

and through faith, such suffering can become joy

a joy made possible by the reward that is to come

a real reward we all hope for

and suffer for in this world, by doing the things we don’t want to do, but have to.

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