Posted by: gebs | July 10, 2007

Religion: The Human Language of God

Religion – being a human phenomena- does get it wrong sometimes, but it is also possible for religion to get it right.  We should not deny it this possibility, despite the unfavourable odds, and in light of its rewards.  


By religion I mean the necessary humanisation of God.  As soon as we utter a word about God we do it through the vocabulary of a religion.  We could make the remark that religion can be seen as a necessary evil.  After all ,it was our own religous mentality which crucified Christ, and yet religion is a key component of our belief in Him. 


Religion, like all things that are true, exists as a paradox to the human mind, yet few are the ones that can subsist within the paradox without being drawn to either side.  Religion will always be more than just a dangerous idea. 

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